A bill too cruel to imagine viewed as a win in 2021 — but at what gain and cost?

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On July 1st, likely one of the most heinous bills ever to be passed in legislation went into effect in Idaho. The bill permits hunters to kill, without any limit, Idaho’s wolves on sight — on public land, or private, with any firearm or motorized vehicle, during the day or the silence of the night with night vision, by baiting and trapping them, by stabbing them or shooting them or both, any wolf — pups, adults or seniors are on the menu. It is basically an open call to massacre these mystical creatures by any means possible. I’m attempting to…

A life-saving surgery inspired me to get back to fitness, what inspires you?

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Ever since I can remember I’d always been the sporty type. Loved doing challenges even when I was a kid — 100m dash!, I’m in! 400m? Me! Tough mudders? Ha! Bootcamps for vacation? Two per year! Century ride? So truly me!

Whatever made me sweat, brought me closest to tears, I was digging it! I loved seeing the results of my hard work through experiencing a physical high and how I could push my limits and reap the rewards.

Then came a dark period in my life. A few years ago. I stopped it all. Depression and giving up is…

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I grew up fearing sharks and unable to get in the vast ocean waters in most places I’d go on vacation. And on that day, I was on a boat waiting for our cue to back-roll into deep, dark blue waters in Fiji. My heart is beating, my palms sweaty, I can feel my legs shaking. I know I’ll be fine. I need to beat this unfounded fear if I want to really explore the ocean. And I do really do. The boat stops, the dive master gives the four of us the signal to get our regulators on and…

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Usually, I write about the plastic pollution problem, recycling, sustainability, better choices for the planet, and sometimes lately, I’ve been writing about my human experience. This is one of those.

I created a challenge for myself at the beginning of May — when I needed some anchor to bring me back to the writing world. I’d just had major surgery, was starting to crawl out of the pits of a 5+ year-long ridiculous depression, getting ready for a cross-country trek in search of a new spot, topped with my usual doubts of worthlessness. It’s not to paint a rosy picture…

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July! July? Half the year gone already?! Smokies!

July is my favorite month! Not just because it’s my birthday month ;) but also because it’s the Plastic Free July month.

Plastic-free July? What does that mean?

No single-use plastics.

It’s a campaign that started a few years ago to raise awareness about our ever-growing plastic dependency. If you watched the Netflix industry-altering documentary, A Plastic Ocean — you know the increasingly toxic properties of this material impacting everything from the environment to our own biological and physical health to its threats to wildlife everywhere.

Yet, instead of seeing a reduction…

Challenges in my 30-day Challenge — I’m on a roll today!

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Persist on persisting—persistent persisting. You know what I mean.

My writing challenge keeps going, just like time and life. We set up something, decide to do something, do it for a few days, and then for some excuse or another stop, or not do.

It’s life. It happens. We’re human.

All is well.

I’m still writing. I missed 2 days in a row. This is 5 on 9 today for me, on my own writing challenge for 30 days. I’m learning that persisting on persisting is a challenge in itself. I truly want to write, and then there is the…

Being a part of the solution isn’t just avoiding plastic (or any other single material); it’s a more holistic lifestyle change.

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I almost killed myself over going zero waste and vegan three years ago and found myself in a deeper depression than the Mariana Trench! It took me a while to accept no matter how many of my well-meaning, loving friends I inspired; it isn’t the solution. While it felt good that I was doing something and staying off the problem train, it was also disheartening to realize the negligible amount of waste avoided in the bigger picture and that bigger changes weren’t happening fast enough.

I continue to live low-impact — the list of things with me usually are my…

Can you guys please stop?

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So I missed on 5 on 5. I’ve created a 30-day writing challenge for myself and fell off my bandwagon on Day 5. Hello! I’m Berna, and I do that kind of thing regularly. So I’m at 4 on 5. And I couldn’t even have a 5 on 5 yet. That last sentence is my brain thought’ing. I’m not trying to shoot down thinking, but just the thought’ing that is happening again. I’m noticing it now and calling it full-on bullshit and going on to get a 5 on 6.

I’m not giving up. I’m persisting.

I also realize that…

Zero-Waste or not to Zero-Waste… is that even a question?

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My involvement in sustainability and healthy-ocean movements in the past few years increased my exposure to hearing the term “zero-waste” in various circles. I’ve been accused of being one, participated in conferences on zero- waste, and attacked for not being one. Depending on the circle it can be good, bad, or ugly.

As with many other things that mean different things to different people — the more the term spread, the more it came to have different meanings, and then to be used not so accurately.

In the social media world, we hear the term zero-waste mostly referring to people…

Becoming a powerful hope magnet in the path to persistence

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I don’t write on self-improvement. It always seemed inauthentic for me — who am I to write about self-improvement? Aren’t we all work in progress? You might be wondering what finding hope has to do with self-improvement. Can we inspire without hope? Can we persist? This is part of my story.

A few years ago, my entire life flipped upside down. Everything changed. My focus, goals, career, marital status… you name it, it changed. And I’ve been on a roller coaster ride of my life since.

I lived a tailored life for over a decade, not realizing I’d lost touch…

Berna Tural

Ocean Actionist. Circular Economy Consultant. Reuse and Plastic recycling SME. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Underwater Photographer. NYC.

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