How to mind our PPEs

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Out on walks with my canine buddy Dali, I collected plastic trash from sidewalks, took their photos, and post on Litterati — from NYC to San Francisco and even Ottawa, Canada to La Paz, Mexico. For years, long before Covid, I’d been focused on informing and inspiring myself and others to do better for mother earth. After all, we’re slammed in the face with the results of decades of neglect towards our planet — from air pollution to microplastic-filled seafood to disappearing wildlife to plastic bags in trees in the middle of nowhere… and so much more. …

Mother Earth is looking for our wise actions to keep her safe and beautiful. Photo Credit: Berna Tural

Blindfolded with industry claims, people are looking away from what really matters. The governments are quick to cave-in under lobbyist pressure. And we’re allowing our environment, nature, Ocean, and Mother Earth to suffer yet again.

I’ve been blessed to spend all of my time outdoors and in nature, discovering trails, parks, wildlife, and birds during Covid away from cities and people. In a remote area in the US, I’ve reconnected with nature and my nature. …

An infinite, clean Ocean/California Coast/Image: Berna Tural

I’m sharing with you how I got into reducing my impact. You’ve been reading and hearing about how much waste we all end up creating and how this waste ends up harming the planet. You feel like you want to take action but don’t know how to start or what steps to follow. It’s a commitment and mostly puzzling and frustrating if you’re not prepared.

When I got back from one of my plastic pollution trips to the middle of the Pacific Ocean, I came home and put away my trash bin. It was the single most impactful choice that…

A lost Green Mermaid on the beach

Back in the day Starbucks used to be my favorite place to have a mocha or an Americano practically daily, sometimes even both. I’d sit down and have my coffee in a reusable white ceramic cup, enjoy my time with friends, or be writing and studying. Everytime I’d leave I’d feel good — like leaving a favorite friend’s place after having a great time.

And sometime in the 2010s we parted ways — I became more engaged and committed to the environment, educated myself with facts about the state of our environment, took responsibility for my impact on the planet…

Preventing plastics and waste from entering our Ocean is key to maintaining a healthy planet

When you hear “recycle plastics” the supply chain and the process are complex, and what about who uses the recycled plastics? The plastics that are clean enough and processable are usually sold by sorting facilities to recycling facilities and turned into pellets. Essentially the make-up of the recycled plastics are mostly the same as the raw plastics depending on the added “contaminants” into the plastic — coloring, stickers, other plastics etc.

The issue is that there is not much demand for recycled plastics and that keeps the cost of it too low to make it worthwhile for recyclers to want…

A creature that always reminds of optimism, kindness, and strength

The three common themes we’ve been hearing in 2020 — optimism, kindness, and strength — be optimistic about the future and what we’re all working towards, spread the hope with kindness (as opposed to cynicism) and find the strength to keep on track during most challenging interactions and scenarios. Optimism is our natural state. Without optimism and hope there are no real solutions, there are no bright tomorrows. It shines the spotlight on the actions with the best possible outcomes.

Merriam -Webster definition:

1: a doctrine that this world is the best possible world

2: an inclination to put the…

“Recyclable” doesn’t mean what they want you to believe it means

Finally we have a report that we’ve all been waiting for! GreenPeace recently released a high-profile report that demonstrates how recycling in the US is not working. Many of you who are familiar with recycling and its issues might be tempted to say “we’ve know this, there’s nothing new here.” And there is. GreenPeace for the first time is casting light on what happens to items we all think is recyclable. Bottomline is in the US the only plastics that are even likely to get recycled are number 1 and number 2 types. The ones that say #3 on them…

Surely the 2020 Super Bowl gave us something to cheer about: A true win against plastic pollution and reducing the generation of single-use plastic waste! Vendors were finally able to drastically reduce plastic waste from single-use plastic cups for beer and other drinks. That’s keeping tons of plastic waste out of the waste stream thus from potentially reaching the environment or Ocean.

Before we start celebrating: Can we pause and ask whether replacing single-use plastic with single-use aluminum is truly a “solution”?

Top 6reasons to avoid bottled water are global in nature. Especially in the developed world — US and European Countries — there are many alternatives, mostly even better than bottled water. Choosing to be part of the solution to resolve plastic pollution and reduce carbon emissions while increasing access to drinkable water is a simple objective. It all comes to our choices.

Among the top reasons to avoid bottled water:

1–1 million bottles a minute and counting

No matter how you look at this — it’s not sustainable. 60 million bottles per hour… 1.4billion a day!

Only 9% of these…

You should be asking questions.

Greta is a 16 year old girl who deeply cares about her environment and the planet. Her extreme measures to take action on saving the planet became reason to describe her with her “diagnosis” of being on the spectrum, rather than just a caring 16 year old. Too much caring and sincerely believing that solutions already exist, setting a high bar for humanity to do the right thing — is not something adults in the room could handle without a label.

Greta is the girl who turned the tables in a single 3 minute speech…

Berna Tural

Ocean Actionist. Circular Economy Consultant. Reuse and Plastic recycling SME. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Underwater Photographer. NYC.

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