Challenge: Keep it Positive!


Stay positive and bright in the storms — Photo: brnaturl

The majority of the news that we are consuming and the information that we research and find about the state of our societies and planet, can likely make you feel close to being depressed. Especially, when researching your passion and finding conditions that are impacted by so many of our activities it is easy to get overwhelmed, angry at the world, it might seem, and even feel guilty sometimes. Many of us are determined and convinced that change is required at fundamental levels to shift our societal and business systems from human ego benefits to global, universal or planetary ones. As we read and see the detrimental impact of human action can be the same as mourning a major loss. Getting over this is a process — yet — we also need to look forward. Keep our heads up. Focus on the “good”.

Take the #oceanoptimism hashtag. How awesome! What a different feeling from reading the doom articles about the state of our oceans! Uplifting. Highlighting the ways we are making a difference. Brilliant! For anybody who just puts every effort down, thinks a dream is at best idealistic or that a single person cannot make a difference — #oceanoptimism is the place to point them. The concept itself is only about 2 years old — it’s popularity in such a short amount of time is a marker to how open we all are for this positive spin.

And imagine if we applied this to all the other challenges in our daily lives. How would that impact all of our wellbeing?

Use and follow this tag to collect true stories where people are making a difference in various dimensions of problems we have on our beautiful planet. Post the story and follow with a hashtag for the specific topic. #worldoptimism #cleanwater #poverty #h4h

Change your angle — instead of focusing on the details of the bad and just merely mentioning some change efforts — focus on the efforts and merely mention the bad. Learn more of the good, be aware of the bad — be inspired by the good and take action! Let the good fuel your direction.

This is not to mean that we stick our heads in the sand and not worry about the “real” situation. But it means that we don’t focus on death and endings, we focus on the living and beginnings — so we can make sure they go on.

Okinawa dawn — Photo: brnaturl

Take yesterday -many events we couldn’t control happened around the world again. Yet — one major accomplishment — The Ocean Clean Uplaunched their prototype under the lead of one of our time’s most brilliant innovators, Boyan Slat. All the hard work from nearly 2 years is now in showdown! The prototype will be in the North Sea for the next year — for close monitoring and testing weather conditions so they can also fix problems that come-up along the way. Once that is complete then they go to the Pacific Gyre in 2017! This is a huge step to cleaning what’s already in our oceans. Though as successful as they are, they need supporters, they need and want those who are interested to understand the challenges ahead, their goals and vision. These very young innovators are serious about reaching a solution and as such open to help and guidance from pros — not mention getting the interest of additional investors, especially after the success in the North Sea! #worldoptimism #oceanoptimism #plasticpollution

Another great news was that UK produced more solar power than coal, in the month of May. I can remember the days that people were saying this wouldn’t be possible for at least 50 some years, and I am not close to 50 yet! 😃 So, those darn idealists, staying positive and determined, go and do it again. The environment and the planet win! #worldoptimism

Ocean Actionist. Circular Economy Consultant. Reuse and Plastic recycling SME. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Underwater Photographer. NYC.

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