If you’re bothered by Greta…

You should be asking questions.

Greta is a 16 year old girl who deeply cares about her environment and the planet. Her extreme measures to take action on saving the planet became reason to describe her with her “diagnosis” of being on the spectrum, rather than just a caring 16 year old. Too much caring and sincerely believing that solutions already exist, setting a high bar for humanity to do the right thing — is not something adults in the room could handle without a label.

Greta is the girl who turned the tables in a single 3 minute speech. She made a room full of white male decision makers who don’t handle discomfort well, very uncomfortable. She challenged the people who are used to hiding behind the rules of their own game, to another game. She went very public, she went full force, and she took no BS from anybody. She couldn’t be intimidated, bullied, nor stopped. Most of us were in awe breathless, applauding — and many others were, well, just plain bothered by her, and her words.

Check yourselves why she bothers you. An army of adults say she should be quiet because she’s offending and inconveniencing adults who’ve been ruling the world, that even though her message is valid(!) her approach is offensive. Seriously — “she’s constantly attacking me, my race, and gender for failure” — are words that actually come out of grown people’s mouths. Isn’t that embarrassing? Greta grew-up already, isn’t it time for you to do the same? Isn’t the state of our planet screwed up enough? Our Ocean is buried under plastic, our tap water is full of toxic chemicals, our seafood is guaranteed to have microplastics, our meat is likely to be coming from horrendous factory farms, our soil is overrun by pesticides, our kids living with health conditions that are becoming increasingly common, and so much more… Who made the decisions that got us here? It certainly was not Greta.

Greta is the embodiment of what it looks like when the approach to silence the inconvenient by intimidation, offensive remarks, job threats, labeling, and ridicule doesn’t work. No, she’s not playing by the rules, she’s not IN this game. Plastic pollution, air pollution, potential detrimental effects of plastics to human health, environmental destruction, were being “discussed” as early as the 70s and 80s! When was the right time for action going to be? The usual game was purely profit while disregarding environment, planet, and even the health of future children and grand-children. Imagine that we trashed our Ocean, knowing full well that all that “away” story was gibberish, even back in the 80s.

If you’re bothered by her — you want her to shut up because she’s a kid — yet you’re the ones attacking her mom and dad like 5 year olds. You say she doesn’t know anything about what she’s talking about — yet you’re the ones who are acting clueless. You say she doesn’t come with concrete actions but just offensive words, yet you’re the ones who’ve been sitting around just talking about how and what ifs for the last 30 some years. You say she’s being bought out by the climate activists and whatever other organizations you name, yet you’re the ones who are repeating the tired words of the harmful and most profitable industries. You’re whining. Greta is not.

Instead of trying to discredit her by attacking her parents like playground bullies — why not step up, accept the harms the status quo has caused, and this time keep your eye on the real goal, quit being so defensive and be on the good side of the future? Stop crying, roll up your sleeves, and join us to work towards a better future. To quote a very fine young lady “change is coming, whether you like it or not.”

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