Plastics Industry: Plastic Cups Are Better In a Pandemic

Berna A.
2 min readJan 19, 2022

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Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

I try to keep it all positive. But then I see stuff like this:

Well there were campaigns and much struggle from the non-profit side to convince States to remove the reuse ban during the pandemic. I wrote about it early in 2020 too. And I’m truly glad that this came-up.

For those of you who can still believe the plastics industry that single-use plastic cups are more sanitary — please do watch.

You can see that not only are single-use plastics bad for our environment, they are bad for the people who make them, package them, transport them, and use them. Yes they are also bad for your health because they leach chemicals into your drinks. Especially with increased heat.

It’s time to wake up. I hope you stop using plastic cups, forks, spoons and everything else, wherever you go.

The answer in adopting a circular economy, paving the way for reusables, and taking back control over what we get to use. It’s time we start treating people better too and hold these people accountable for working conditions wherever they are on the planet. We’re all in this together. We’ll all fix it together.

Berna A.

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