Stay focused on our vision

Cherry blossoms continue to bloom

So much news about all the awful things happening in the world. So many stories about hurt and pain. A created human condition with 7Billion people addicted to hurt, pain, evil and bad. A miracle that we’ve survived the millions of years and definitely the last 2000 years — a miracle that peace is ever achieved anywhere, a miracle that tolerance and acceptance is practiced, a miracle that anybody has enough food to eat, or love to give, a miracle that any of our huge dooming problems were ever resolved. Yet, we continue to shine the spotlight on evil and bad rather than on the positive.

We’ve never accomplished anything by fighting the old — all difference has been made by focusing on building the new.

Fighting the old is a waste of energy, focus on creating the new.

Let it out, then let it be. Anything that is, is just is. It doesn’t mean anything. All that matters is that YOU are filled with love, passion and hope for the future. Our vision is more alive now, at this moment, than it has ever been with any other action we ever took. This is the most beautiful time to be alive in history. We are ALL making a difference, and we are ALL playing a role.

I choose to stay focused in what we’re accomplishing and our hope and vision rather than trying to fight the old. Whatever your passion — peace, oceans, environment, animal rights, wildlife conservation — whatever it might be. I invite you to let the archaic be, they will always be archaic, by definition. We’ve come so far, we’ve done so much. We are doing more every day. I truly hope you can feel how more and more people are seeing our vision of love, peace and hope to all. We are the change. #wereallinthistogether

See the power in YOU, see the power of Mother Nature and the innovations we bring when we stick to our vision. Focus on those who share your vision, not those who try to shoot it down. #awaveofchange #wereallinthistogether

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