Why Moving Forward matters more than ever before

We need to spend our time and efforts on actions more than words, and encourage each other with the good, rather than discourage with the “realities” of our times.

Climate change is real or not. President is Trump or Hillary. At the end of the day — these arguments do not matter. What DOES matter is for us to continue working on our paths. More than ever before, with the knowledge and awareness we have we just need to put our heads down and focus. Focus on the action. We don’t need to wait for governments. What happens anyway? If the government wants to take action it takes years through the bureaucracies- convince people, pass it through some congress, parliament, world organization etc etc, come up with plans policies… It’s when the people want the change that’s when things actually happen. We get caught up in the arguments so much — that we end up celebrating stupid little things: The banning of the microbeads by 2018(!), the recognition that the ocean is worth saving(?!?!?)… More on this on my next post.

If we really want change we should hope that the government will not get involved. I mean look, it’s likely in part why Elon Musk is succeeding. The government didn’t do anything to help him.

BE the change you want to see in the world. I think that is his life mantra.

That popular quote, by the way, that is attributed to Ghandi (but it really isn’t his) holds more true today than ever before. Every day it becomes more relevant to our times. The system has proven time and time again that it is no longer serving our developing and ever evolving societies. Every new generation is more aware of the gaps and less inclined to “let the system work”.

The arguments are just created by the system/media to keep us side-tracked. Let’s look behind them. Climate change is another example. Spending our waking hours arguing one way or the other doesn’t yield the ROI. There will always be people who will or will not believe just because they like to argue. Even if it’s common sense or just the inherent good.

Look at Europe — as Americans we are here arguing whether there is climate change, Europe has gone leaps ahead to create economies that are less dependent on fossil fuels, they’ve implemented waste management systems that have them buying waste from neighboring countries to power cities and factories. We are just arguing whether waste is a problem or not. Then the majority shows that they believe what’s going to “make America great again” is if we go back to exactly what we were doing in the 60s — coal mining, racial divides, shut down of global trades, etc. As if this global world doesn’t exist.

As long as we keep moving forward. Whether the guy sitting next to me at this coffee shop actually believes in Climate Change or not, doesn’t matter. In this governing system what the President believes doesn’t stop us. Sure, it allows others to be able to take backwards actions. These actions could be devastating, but it’s not going to be anything that hasn’t been done and dealt with before. Elon continued to work through both political party years. He found a way and he made it work. So what the any leader or his men think doesn’t have to stop us. I really don’t give a hoot, cause he can’t make me buy a gas guzzling car or make me eat meat that I have no idea where it came from. He can’t force me to use plastics. And I don’t need him to tell me that it is illegal to buy plastics. Cause I don’t anyway. I know better.

I’ve seen too much of this earth’s beautiful resources damaged by our practices to continue with the ways the system has normalized in our societies. I’ve travelled and seen the alternatives, learned from true practitioners, spoken and traveled with real scientists, went scuba diving in amazing reefs with marine biologists — across ALL variety of backgrounds, not a single one ever said “we don’t make a difference”. It’s always been the opposite. Every bit counts.

What we do counts. Our choices count. Our choices. Not what the government allows you to choose. Or what the Jones’ choose. You just worry about your choices and you’re on the right track. Keep going forward. Don’t give up because you hit two pot holes along the way. And don’t stop because the government isn’t paving the road, gear up in your mountain climbing gear and keep moving forward. We know where the summit is. We’re all in this together — for those of us who see the path forward let’s keep moving instead of allowing them to hold us back over fruitless arguments.

Ocean Actionist. Circular Economy Consultant. Reuse and Plastic recycling SME. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Underwater Photographer. NYC.

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